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Are You Down for the Count?

Without a doubt we can all agree that from the moment we became followers of Jesus Christ we entered a “fight.” According to Eph. 6:11-12, our opponent is not a democrat or a republican but rather an invisible, relentless evil called the devil whose only desire is to knock us out. Because we don’t knowContinue reading “Are You Down for the Count?”

Are You Playing a “Game of Pride”?

When you hear the word PRIDE, does it strike you as a positive or negative word? There are certainly many positive types of pride but there are just as many negative types that destroy relationships, businesses, marriages and countries. After watching the Presidential, Vice-Presidential and Governor debates last week, I found myself disgusted with theContinue reading “Are You Playing a “Game of Pride”?”

Do You Really Know What Battle Your In?

It seems God is trying His best to wake up His church with the revelation that a battle is raging and we’re standing in the middle of a war that’s whirling around us. During this Jewish New Year that began Sept. 18th, I was reminded of what King Hezekiah must have felt as the AssyrianContinue reading “Do You Really Know What Battle Your In?”

“It’s Hard To Breathe”

The dawning of Labor Day 2020 brought 30-40 mph winds with gusts to 50 mph in our area of Washington State. Some have said the strongest winds ever recorded in our state. Those high winds continued until about 7:00pm that evening, igniting several fires and quickly spreading over 200,000 thousand acres in Eastern Washington. TheseContinue reading ““It’s Hard To Breathe””

Sept 11th “A Shining City Upon A Hill”

We recently received a message with a link to President Ronald Reagan’s farewell speech on Jan. 11th, 1989 at the RNC. At the conclusion of his speech he referred to America as the “Shining City on a Hill”. He had used this statement many times during his presidency as an illustration of America’s position asContinue reading “Sept 11th “A Shining City Upon A Hill””

A Jezebel Spirit HAS Taken America: Part 1

When the Covid-19 shut down began, back in March 2020 I felt God stirring something in my spirit. I felt God say the CRISIS we’re facing is coming with a COMEBACK! I felt God was going to use this pandemic to reveal His divine plans and purposes He had for His church and His people.Continue reading “A Jezebel Spirit HAS Taken America: Part 1”