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Pride Cometh Before a Fall

God said, “Pride has to go for true Godly praise to occur.” How many of you have fallen short of what you expected of yourself or what others expected of you? (You can bet the farm): pride came before that fall.

James 4:6 states, “He resists (a Greek sport term for being on the opposite team) the proud but gives Grace to the humble.” God tells us when we’re living in a prideful place. He’s on the opposite team playing against us.

Look at your life, is pride seeking approval from others? If it is, God’s standing against you and your pride. Your sin clouds up your ability to see and hear His voice speaking to you. You’re in a fight and you don’t even realize who you’re fighting.

KEY: Ask to be held accountable by the Holy Spirit to deal with your pride found in secret imaginations, sins, and the shame that control your life.

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