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Dr. Victor Alinen

It seems I’ve been a teacher my whole life. Starting as a counselor in a local Mukilteo, Washington high school. I found myself desiring to see people set free from all the dysfunctions that were going on in their lives. Seeking that goal, our family moved to another state where I taught high school history and a Bible class, which turned my life around. God’s call on my life happened there and the Foursquare Denomination commissioned the Alinen family as pastors. It was here I started my Ph.D program and fulfilled my desire to have the opportunity to pastor and counsel people. For 15 years, we pastored churches in Wilbur, Washington, East Helena, Montana, and our home town Mukilteo, Washington. Each post brought joy and hardships as we did our best to be faithful to fulfill our calling. But then a failure on my part brought our ministry opportunities to an end!

But when God closes doors, by His Mercy, windows open. Because of a repentant heart, the Lord blessed me with the opportunity to return to the Mukilteo School District as a PE teacher and coach.  What the devil meant for my destruction, the Lord meant for my good and His glory. My desire to teach middle school and high school kids was renewed once again; along with the privilege of coaching state champion golf teams, conference champion tennis teams and 8th grade basketball teams. The things I learned mentoring young men and women as a coach have been valuable to me. I also had the privilege of serving and seeing my student’s families struggling to live in this upper middle-class city where both parents had to work. Many of those parents needed a helping hand as they negotiated family life and learning how to be the parent they needed to be. Now retired, I’m still involved with many of those parents, leading Bible studies and performing marriage ceremonies for many of my former students!

Currently, Jeanne and I are working to develop Faithful Men and Women’s ministries throughout Snohomish County and Lincoln County, Washington.

7 thoughts on “Dr. Victor Alinen

  1. Pastor Vic, I found your blog also, Glory to God. What a blessing you are. The family I had was like yours when growing up. God made us strong in Him. God loves us so much and leads us on to a more blessed, stronger and closer life with and in Him~ HallelluYAH. Love in Jesus to you and Jeanne~

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  2. Pastor Vick your article on the testimony of a sunrises was excellent. The only shadow we should dwell in is the shadow of our King ,when we step out of his shadow we move back into darkness
    The following verses I found for standing in his shadow.
    1: Psa:19-1
    2: Isa : 42:2
    3: Isa: 51:16
    4: Psa :36-7
    5 Mark:9-7
    6: Luke 9-34
    7: Heb: 9-5
    8: Psa: 121-5
    9: Isa: 25-4
    What shadow we stand in is the matter of choice. To me darkness is a very lonely place to live. I lived in darkness for a long time. Then I saw his lite fill up my. Darkness on a SUNDAY morning . Darkness no longer covered me and keep me frozen in place . His sunshine melted the frozen statue and gave me life. Praise be to GOD FOR HE HAS WOKEN THE DEAD IN ME.


    1. Louie I love it and that can preach. I’m going to make sure I hang on to that testimony of yours and use it our Faithful Mens Breakfast Club ministry🙏😃


  3. Another great job Pastor Vic . Sometimes its hard letting go of the old , and changing to make room for the new. Paul het the nail on the head in Philippi. 3: 7-14.
    Paul as a Jew lived to persecute the Christians . It took the. Road to Damascus to change his life . Maybe all of us need to travel the road of Damascus . Think of how we could change .


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